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By September 8, 2009 Fishing

Guess what, I went to the same place for fishing again.. It was on the same place but on different time which is 10PM to 12AM at Yayasan Sabah bridge.

This time I bring Mika to go together with me. On that time itself there is a group of 7 – Chinese family and friends also there is few others who is fishing on the same bridge.

All of us really excited to fish on that place as for that time it is quite a clear night with the full moon shining so bright. Me myself actually don’t really know that it is quite a wonderful night.

Wonderful night I mean(Which I realize afterward), as the night is bright then the fish will be able to see the bait clearly. They will take the bait as soon as they saw it. But… It is depending on your luck whether the fish will be hooked or not.

As for my case that night, I was able to catch 4 fishes in around 30 minutes. It was not so much but believe me or not, once I throw my bait to the sea, the fish will snap it and eat it and less than 5 minutes, if I pull my bait everything is gone but only the hook left. I guess, it takes me awhile until I discover a new techniques (Invented from my experience, No Teacher eh) which I think most of the pro fisher out there know it.

This techniques is what I call trigger then pull. Trigger for what I mean here is, when you  in your relax state and not much movement, you could actually feel the fishing rod as one part of yourself. When you feel that the bait is taken you must leave it alone for a while. Count how many times the bait was bitten by the fish. And for me i take the no.1 as a fake, no.2 as an interested and the last one will be the trigger. Then when I reach to the trigger step, I gotta do either lift the end of the fishing rod a bit or directly pull the strings.

This is what I do last time, but yet it need further practice so that I know the real tricks. One thing for sure, you don’t know how big is the fish that is eating your bait so even it is so small, it is still a fish.

On that time, the fish that I was able to get is “Ikan Pisang” and fish that has a shape nearly as the shark but it is in smaller size. I don’t know it’s name so I just name it as mini shark. The size is not so big as the biggest is around 10cm long but for your information as I look on the chinese family and friends beside us, they did catch around 15cm to 20cm mini Shark. Quite jealous but its not my time to get that big yet.

Also, actually on the week before, my brother in-law did go deep sea fishing. I was invited to go and I wish I could go. But what stuck me is the day they go is the day I need to do my Final Year Project Environment Experiment. I heard,  they got quite much. And the size is of course bigger than mine. I wish I was there, but maybe next time.

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Papa Shally

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