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By January 3, 2009 My Thoughts

Then the holiday end last week but there is no class for the whole 1 week so Monday will be the first day of school.

I remember that i got talk about what to do in the whole holiday in my previous post (don’t know where did i put it).

You know there is some i got do and some is undisturbed. With that what we said a planning. All was planned but not all will be done as what we planned.

What i’ve finish along this holiday is 2 website which is topbroker.asia and dragon.my website. But considering he page load for joompa application, i manage to rebuilt dragon.my. I’ve finish everything around 2 weeks ago but right now i’m having problem with my hosting provider lunarpages.

Before i talk more, Just a review from me for lunarpages hosting. If you were a web developer and you wish your site to become popular with more than 1000 daily visitors, Never think of using Lunarpages Web Hosting.

Their hosting is limited to 1% cpu usage, 1% Mysql Usage and 1%memory usage. What you expect from that is there will be a lot of people packed in one server and you will get a slow performance. Even for me it is very slow to access my wordpress website at hotonblog and my other site. They always think that their hosting is good but the result will came back to them sooner where less people will host with them.

Anyway about dragon.my, The interface was lighter this time with page less than 100kb compare to using joomla which is almost 700kb. Using a single php script does make the page lighter. 2 Weeks ago i am installing the script back to dragon.my but i face the internal server error. In which the script in my hosting account was disable causing me unable to install the new script. With that, i have to delay doing dragon.my until everything was fixed.

While doing these two website, I’ve also done doing Chesc.net website. Thanks a lot to my friend Kevin Khoo for making the site looks more beautiful and the site full of contents. All the graphic inside is done by him and i just help him from behin.

The other thing that was done in this holiday is, the changes of hits.sg. Now i’m using lifetype in hits.sg. It is almost the same like WordPress Multi User but it is a lighter version of blogging platform. Just a simple plan to open a singapore brand of blog hosting. About this, there is a need for me to built my own linux server and then host it out in my home so that i won’t have much problem with the hosting company. Opening my own server in long term offers a cheaper maintenance and cost compare to renting a dedicated server. Anyway it would be just great if i could do it by this year.

I also install elgg community in Highlight.sg and it was a damn heavy web application. I wonder if malaysian or singaporean will think of using it because of it’s heavy site.  Will think about this later on.

I’ve also change the theme of  www.TechInfo.com.my to a lighter and simpler theme with a big RSS button on the right. I hope you can load the page there even more faster now.

I think i’ve done not much in this 2 months. Even my blog was left untouch for several days because i’m too busy with with other things.

Oh..Not to forget one thing for sure.. I’ve go around some part of sabah. That is what  I need to share with you. I will start posting it sooner or later but for sure it will not be now. I’ve just lower my connection speed at home back in KK. Just to lower the monthly wages in this recession time so that i got extra to do other things too.

Thats all i want to rumble now.. Keep update with my blog ok.. Not to forget, My favourite tech blog at Techinfo.com.my , where with it, i no need to go around clicking other website as i could read the recent news there.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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