Happy New Year 2009

By January 1, 2009 My Thoughts

It’s not too late i guess..

Happy New Year 2009

Hope this year will be a more peaceful, blessed and lucky year for everyone in this world.

Year 2009 came with few things and this is what we are to face in this year

Bad things
This were the only 3 bad things that I highlight even there is a lot out there.

  1. Recession – World is facing bad economy since the end of last year. It would means we will be facing recession around this year to next 2 years. Guess what, lots of people will loss his/her jobs, lots of house will be sold for auction, lots of company will face bankrupcy. Hope we are not one of it.
  2. Global Warming – By this year our world will become more hotter than last year as there still more people out there that never think of helping out in curing our world. It is a fact that every year the global warming (measured anually) will get more worse.
  3. War – It is non-stop and has become tradition for certain country. Hope this year US under Their president Barrack Obama will not declare war with any country.

Good Things
There is a lot good things that might happen in your life. After all the bad things, there is always good things that follow. So it was up to you to think whether it is a good thing or not.
Just one thing from me, if you believe in god, always ask for forgiveness from him and ask him to help you out. If you are a free thinker, believe in yourself.

Bad and Good things always there for us each and every year. So just think of it as something fun. If good thing were to happen the whole year, don’t you think that it is a bit boring and you will become more scared to bad things if it were to happen suddenly.

Anyway stop with all the craps.

Happy Fortunate 2009

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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