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By May 12, 2009 My Service

If you realize few days ago i’ve been posting 2 templates and the packages for me to start commercializing the skills that i learn. Thanks to my first theme that  I have the mood of making website back to my brain. I’ve been publishing a few templates now and so lots of templates is coming soon.

Using a few tools such as xampp, wordpress and helps in making the template design to be more time saving and more fun. With this tools also things had been more easier for template design and it helps me to create lots of variation of template for me to post in my products sales. I hope in the coming future, I will get more customer and could create more theme for use.

By the way about this theme PurFeel, I’ll slowly update. There is some fix but for now i’ll just use it with the original condition. Sooner or later if time permit me, I will surely update it and will make it better than what it was now.  I know that the purfeel theme is something that shows am i creative in making a website or not. But the fact was, it just happen that i like this design and the design that i have is actually quite different from this one. So if you were to judge me, please visit my store first.

Stop talking about all the craps, the reason I write this article was to introduce you my new service Hot On Blog Store ( This website is built to avoid confusion on my personal blog and my store. I’m still developing this website but you can have a look around and maybe if you are interested you can start ordering now.

In this store I did give a cheap price for setting up a website. If you go out there, the price had been varies but never below RM1000. There had been lots of web set up with price more than RM3000. Even out there there is some like mine, but why waste your time? I’m infront with my service then why not grab this chance?

So, I do hope to get few companies but first, let me upload more template so that you can choose and make your choice. It’s time to get the benefits now so why not grab it.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

Have been blogging since 2008 and been making this as a side income. Loves travelling, spending time with family and tweak new way of making money online. Was graduated as a Chemical Engineer and currently pursuing life as an Environmental Engineer. Having fun with life where; Life = Work Satisfaction + Family Time + Making Money Online + Learn New Things.

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