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Few days back Malaysian Communities was shocked by the bombing of Arson Church back in Peninsula Malaysia. I was around and reading some of the news but I just feel that I won’t be talking anything about it since the attack would stop there. Plus I was not in the mood of writing something on the day itself since we will be reading loads of facts and loads of craps out there talking about this incident. And today it just happen that a new attack was done on a church and this really irritating if I don’t write. You may follow this link to read more

Many would have angry, cry and feel so bad about the incident but what more, there is some entity out there is smiling as they like. And we just don’t know who cause this problem and it is not good to blame someone too. On my point of view, there is a lot of possibilities about the church attack but which one is true?

Maybe the community was hot with the topic “Usage of Allah word in Church” and that is one thing that will start us making assumption that People of Islam is the one who will attack the churches since some group of people had been working to make the word Allah theirs in which I mean only them should have the god and the others must not have it.But this is actually just one of the many possibilities that exist. So those who had been thinking that Muslim is the one that is attacking the church, please bear in mind that it is just possibilities. Some accusation by the media is not true and does there exist a proof that someone leave a massage there “I bomb this church because you use Allah in your church”? The story of the usage of Allah word in church is the cause of bombing is just something that came out from the mouth of some stupid person who had been there on the scene itself. So please do not first point your finger.

And again I would like to say, there is other possibilities but not only the usage of Allah in church. As I understand, the norm of life, If there is 2 people who had a bad relationship, there will exist the third person who try to make the relationship becoming better or even worse. So in this situation we are generally informed that Christian and Islam had not been in good relationship since the Crusades (, there is also a possibilities that another group of people do exist and they are the one who do all the bad works since they wanted to see both this religion to have another war in this peace country. And besides they had no relation with Christians and even Muslims. Maybe they just some group who like to see the 2 communities fight amongst each other or even worse, they are just a political thug who work under the great power and they do the odd job and the hero will came out soon.

But who knows what had been planned behind all this. But i believe there is a bigger plan that we would never known. Just try to think outside of the religion side of view and maybe you will get something on your nerve.

Another possibilities of the bombing was, there exist a group of people who tried to threaten the Christians or maybe their group was threatened by some of the Christians activity. Since the Christians community had been actively volunteering helping the community as one of their social involvement, I believe some underground business might get interrupted by their activities. But who knows since this just another possibilities.

For me, the possibilities is just something that bring myself out from the box of accusing the Muslims or accusing one entity. I realize this world is not a beautiful as in the book and human is not so good too. I make myself understand, whoever the person who is pulling all the string behind they are not better than Devil itself. Even if it is Imam, Monk, or Religion Leader or even they are some politician, if they are the one pulling string behind they are worse like the devil. So whoever it was and for whatever reason they are doing it, I believe and will always believe the person have done the biggest sin that they won’t be forgiven for the rest of their life. In other words, they already book a room in Hell since Heaven is just too expensive to rent.

So if the bomber is really are one from the Muslim community, and they do that for winning the usage of Allah, then I also believe that the god you pray will never  forgive you as you already have the wrong meaning of Jihad or so on. If the person who do this is a politician who had been threatened with the 1Malaysia motto, then you are the worse politician that we don’t wish to have in leading us. Or if the person who want to make 1Malaysia become more famous, then we have chosen the wrong leader.

Whats more, just follow what the government motto 1Malaysia, so this means any religion can use Allah too. So nice my religion did not use that. And what I had been yearn for was Hari Raya 1 week holiday, christmas must add 6 more days to their holidays, Chinese New Year add 5 more days and Deepavali too add 6 more days. That is 1 Malaysia spirit.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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