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It has always been 16 September that we will have our 1 day break to celebrate Malaysia day. I remember last time when I was still Secondary student, my history teacher got talk about how Malaysia exist and the history to its establishment. This is the facts but you will need to further certify it as I wrote it based on what I learn.

Malaysia day is a day for all Malaysian to celebrate the establishment of Malaysia which consist of Tanah Melayu (West Malaysia), Sabah and Sarawak. It was a day where back in 1963 Singapore,Tanah Melayu, Sabah and Sarawak sign agreement to create a new nation called Malaysia. The establishment of this new nation actually is not an easy task to be done. Lots of hard work done by the politician, Primarily Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Kuan Yew, Tun Fuad Stephen and Sarawak Polician (I don’t remember this) so that all the needs from the people’s could be achieve. In which their needs is analyze and was written in the memorandum of Malaysia.

Before the establishment of Malaysia, actually Tanah Melayu and Indonesia had actually plan to establish a nation called Indonesia Raya. But from my point of view, Tanah Melayu did prefer to have Malaysia more as in Indonesia Raya, Tanah Melayu is only a state control by Indonesia and the word Malay which they obsess a lot is lost . While on the other hand if they go with Malaysia, the country name itself will show that this country is owned by Malay. But that is to be their issue in the past 40+ years and I not interested about this which might conduct misunderstanding amongst us.

Other than Indonesia and Tanah Melayu crisis, there is also exist crisis between Sabah and Philippines. For your information, long ago, Sabah was a stated which is owned by the Portuguese under the Suluk Kingdom (Kesultanan Suluk (You gotta certify this too)). But then the Portuguese has give sabah to a Company for their success inĀ  administrating sabah (which I don’t remember its name). Which had then officially break Sabah relations with the Suluk Kingdom. So as sabah was invited to join Malaysia, on the same time the Philippines also interested to take Sabah to become the state under Philippines administration. As Sabah had greater benefits from joining the establishment of Malaysia in which there exist the 20Point of agreement of sabah, so Sabah tends to join Malaysia more compared to being a state under Philippines.

After Tanah Melayu had rejected Indonesia proposal to build a nation called Indonesia Raya, and Sabah Join the plan to establish Malaysia, then both Indonesia and Philippines had opposed to the establishment of Malaysia. But then the council to the establishment of Malaysia including the politician, had work hard to make it into a success.

Lots of money and time is sacrificed to ensure the establishment of Malaysia is a success. And tremendous amount of effort was put into the plan until then a nation called Malaysia that we have today did exist. And with that, 16 September every year is a day to respect all their efforts and also to remember Malaysia is not a nation that easily establish.

So for today, keep in mind that Malaysia is the best Country. Love it and develop it.


For your information – Singapore is not a part of Malaysia anymore. There is something behind it but it is out of my interest.

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