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By December 7, 2008 Bloggership, Malaysian, Sabah

There is one talks aired in RTM TV1 which promotes or maybe talk about bloggers issue. I don’t have much information on what they talk about, anyway the most thing that has came to my mind is the SMS poll that they make.

The poll questions is almost like this;

Bolehkah Blogger menulis sesuatu sesuka hati (Can blogger write something as they like?)

A) Boleh (Can)  B) Tidak Boleh (Cannot)

The question is longer than this but i don’t really remember as i’m on rush to go somewhere.

Anyway when i read their poll, It was quite an issue for Malaysian bloggers. As we know blog is a place where people talk about whatever they like and it is usually based on real life experience. It has also become an interesting Internet channel that gives us the opportunities to express everything. This expression is not something that we need to accept directly. There is still a lot of blogs that we need to read and if there is a similarity in their information only then we learn to accept it. Having blog also give you a chance to complaint on something that has never being improve when you have work on it many times.

For me this has been a channel to tell government that as i travel, I will learn much places that need their concern. For example, It has been very bad Image for Sabah as it is the second poorest state but when we investigate properly, sabah has been amongst the largest producer of income in Malaysia as lots of the resource came from sabah itself.

From their poll, why they talk about the freedom of writing on something in blog? Rejecting the freedom on writing, means rejecting people’s ideas. Rejecting people’s ideas means they don’t want improvement and they want to control things by themselves. Who are they? Same as us, Bloggers, Readers, Citizens and human. Still dying, eating, Sick, and when dies still goes back to the earth. Who are they to reject ideas if they are not perfect.

If they were to reject the freedom of blogging, then it would be a bad idea. A bad idea that makes people blind from the true information. Back 2 years ago, I went to West Malaysia. It has been a shocked for me as people there think Sabahan lives in trees and we are not as educated as them. It has been really an annoying thing that they think like that.

Why does this happen? Information was wrong then they don’t have much resource to refer to. Same as blogging. When the freedom of writing was taken, people will talk on limited issues and more people will blind itself and get to think that this one source is always true.

WIth lots of blogs around, I believe someone will not refer only from one source. They will refer from many sources available. Maybe blog A got talk about 1,2,3 and Blog B talk about 2,3,4. Doesn’t it convince you that the 2 and 3 is real information. Thats why when freedom of writing is given, there will be lots of sources that is reliable.

Maybe it has been a good threat to those who do Politic Money widely thats why the freedom need to be taken.  But this is one good thing to make Malaysia become an Ideal Malaysia with less politic money.

So if they were to reject the freedom of writing in blog, I understand what is their reason. Above all their good reason, there is always something behind it. I’ll not support if the freedom is taken out.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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