My 3 real life Lesson in Making Money Online

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When I first step into affiliate marketing world back in 2009, I found Clickbank. Clickbank were hosting thousands of affiliate marketing products and I try to promote some of the products. But what happen is after few month of trying, I am only able to make 1 sale. But since I could not make my second sale, I slowly lose the only commission that I made at the time. Frustrated with this, I decided to stop promoting clickbank (while others are making millions out of it) and then concentrate on making money only through the advertisement in my blog and my other websites.

I did make money through the advertisement at that time but not as much as the earning that people make through affiliate marketing. And in 2010 as I was busy working and no longer have the luxury to write, my websites started to slow down and finally some of it no longer exist.

As years pass by, in 2017 I was in quite a huge financial problem as my business is not working so well. So I decided to look for resources on how to make money and of course I go back to my all time favorites blogger John Chow. Then I found MOBE. MOBE was an affiliate marketing product created by Matt Lloyd, it is not so good but it is not too bad either. The only downside of this is the price of the course which is off the chart and when some of the member is not making money, they started to complain and that causes the end of this company. But for me this is where everything really start. I relearn everything about affiliate marketing and plant the seed of paid advertising in me.

As MOBE goes down and due to some problem I lose backup for all my websites as some of my automated website was hacked and compromised my whole server, I decided to stop doing my online business for a while and concentrate on my business and day job. I decided to use the things that I learn in MOBE and apply it to one of my offline business. With it my sales is stabilizing and until now it is still going as I improve it over the time.

Stabilizing and improving it is not an easy task. MOBE was there for me to make me relearn everything before. Now it is no longer around but it does not mean that you are not able to learn. From this experience there are 3 most important thing that I learn which I will explain further.

Lesson 1: There is no right or wrong way

The first thing that I learn over the years is knowing that not everything is right and not everything is wrong. You will eventually being feed with a lot of information as you are searching for how to make money online. Each of them is telling you to start here and there. And is different all the time until you reach the point where you feel that all the information is useless and will never work for you.

You have to note that this world is not made the same for everyone. The world was beautifully made that each one of us had different features. No thing in the world is the same. Even twins were visually the same but they were different in many ways. So does the way how you can make money online. If the first person who teach you he can make money by using technique A, it might not necessarily work for the second person and the same for you too. If it does work for someone else it might not work for you.

But, even if it does not work for you, not everything is that way. The thing you need to do is to passionately find the way to make things work. And always remember, you must start at a starting point where you already have a reference. What I mean is never start without knowing what you are doing. To do this, you will need to read and learn from other people. Look at their mistake and avoid the mistake. This will save your time and will eventually help you in making sure that you are in the right path.

But remember, you need to learn from those who are experienced and I believe there are a lot of them out there who can teach you and one of them was Clickbank University. Remember when I said I learn from MOBE? Clickbank University is actually almost the same to MOBE and they did produce a lot of affiliate marketer that is able to produce a good result. Don’t believe me? You can always check them out.

Lesson 2: Fail? Do it over and over again

Remember the story of Thomas Edison where he fail thousand of times before he successfully created a light bulb? Imagine if he stop mid way? Do you think we will have light bulb now?

It’s the same for you. When you starting at the journey of making money online, you will at first be very enthusiastic about it. From day 1 of your journey until day 90 and you did not see any result, you will start to doubt yourself. Then at day 120, you start realizing that you failed. All you have done before this is just wrong and it won’t be generating a single cents.

This will make you to be pessimistic about making money online as you have wasted lots of your days into something useless. But remember, if you stop at when you failed, you will lose the game. So what you should do is never ever be pessimistic. Grow your enthusiastic feeling in making money online and start over.

When you are starting over, you are a few steps ahead compared to when you first started. Your strong point is you know what you did wrong before and this will be your stepping stone to your success.

And when it happen again, repeat again and again and again until you reach the peak of your journey. As the Albert Einstein says, “You never fail until you stops trying”

Don’t do like what I have done, remember when I said I lose all the backup files? I was frustrated that I decided to stop for a while. And luckily, I am able to muster up my strength and off course start everything at the best point that I could.

Lesson 3: Take action

One of my biggest lesson is to always take action. It is too slow if you are researching first and then decide on what you want to do later on. So what you can do is, while you are researching, why not implement it if it does not cost anything? Or if you really do not have anything which will make you confident enough to take action, enroll in this course by Clickbank University. Clickbank University provides training courses that teaches about how to do affiliate marketing effectively. It does outline every mistakes that marketers do and will be better starting point for you.

As for me previously, I started in making money online by reading from blogs to blogs. Hopping from every make money online blog that exist in 2009. What I did wrong was, I read and read and read but I never buy any of the materials that they explain in their blogs. Until one day in 2017 where I decided to take the 21steps by MOBE that I realize I had been in the wrong path all these years. In the course it pointed out that I need to use all the making money information that I get and then take necessary action to implement it.

And when I implement what I learn to one of my offline business, it started to make more sales for me. If I have never implement it, I believe until this day I never realize that not taking action is what stopping me from not making good sales.

So these 3 lessons is actually an expensive lesson for me. I take almost 8 years to realize it and I wish that you never do this mistake that I do. Start doing it as soon as you are able to. The faster you start the faster you will realize what is the best for you.

When you are starting, always remember to be enthusiastic and passionate. Throw any pessimistic feeling that might grow in you. Start from zero or from a starting point that was guided by other people as it was easier to start at a higher point.

Finally note that information is important but will be useless when there were no action taken. If I never take action, I believe I will never know what is the right way for me to make money. Hopefully this 3 lesson will be useful and helpful for you.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

Have been blogging since 2008 and been making this as a side income. Loves travelling, spending time with family and tweak new way of making money online. Was graduated as a Chemical Engineer and currently pursuing life as an Environmental Engineer. Having fun with life where; Life = Work Satisfaction + Family Time + Making Money Online + Learn New Things.

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