National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2009

By July 29, 2009 Events, Malaysian, Sabah

It is few days to National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2009 or NACES 2009. The committee members of NACES 2009 which including me is working hard on making this event a success. Lots of things are done and to be done in this few days so that the event could be done with success.

In our theme for NACES 2009 this year, we are mainly talks about Global water crisis. Few competitions was conduct in this event such plant design competition, essay writing competition and technical presentation.

I believe in this event, Students of Chemical Engineering from around Malaysia could develop new designs and ideas with regards to the global water crisis that had been happening. But what more important in this event was to open the mind of the students so that a better engineer could be born in the future.

With regards to this event, I would like to personally invite Water Company around the world to join us by becoming a spectator for the event. I would also like to invites individual or company that interested with this event to come and join us. Lots of interesting thing will be happening there so it will not be a loss for anyone.

By the way, for your information on the event, Please kindly visit

The event will be on 14th to 16th of august 2009 in University Malaysia Sabah

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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