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By May 20, 2009 Education

It has been about one and a half week now that I’m having internship in Desa Kim Loong Sdn Bhd Keningau Sabah. But then I still trying my best to adapt to the changes. When I said about changes, there is a few which will be the major and most noticeable change.

One of the change was I turn out to be sleeping early. Before this when it is schooling time, I will usually sleep around 3am. But this time I have to sleep early and the latest i could sleep is around 1am. this is due to the location of the working place which is 30 to 40 minutes from the place I stay, Keningau. So every morning I have to wake up at 6am, get ready and around 6.30am I gotta go out and get my other 2 colleagues to go to the Palm Oil Mill. So my sleep will only be around 5 hours. Which is quite sufficient for me but then if possible, I’d like to have another extra 3 hours sleep.

Moving out around 6.30am and taking my colleagues, we will arrive at the mill around 7.20 to 7.30am. Then I’d have to get the punch card and have it marked by the machine. From that on, I’ll be likely be in the mill from 8am to 5pm. But then I always make it around 5.30pm as there is other stuff which I could do at the time.

We’ll have our lunch break around 12noon until 1pm and we did take our lunch. Talking about lunch, this is another thing that gives my life to change a bit. For your information, I bring my lunch from home and I’ve never been doing that for the past 5 or 6 years. I remember I only do that in secondary 1 until secondary 3. And again, I start bring my lunch box everyday and it would be very good as this will save my daily cost.

Being a chemical engineering students and mixing up with mechanical engineering students gives a really weird outcome. As i realize, what I learn is way too different compared to what they’ve learn in university and so this had Invite me to learn lots of new things from them day by day. It’s a bit burdening as i don’t have the basic but then I assume it as an extra bonuses for me. Just gaining some extra knowledge, could give me more experience to become an engineer in the future.

Plus, I’d need extra energy to work here compare to studying in University. I also still can use some of my books but then the communicating with the workers around there will gives more realistic experience. So I’d need to be around from one process to one process to learn the mechanism and all about the process.

This is some of the changes that I am trying to adapt now. It will be hard at first but then in the future things will gone normal for me.

While doing this internship, I realize that my communication skills is very important in getting people to feel ease to help me out. The skills of using 4W1H is very important and so I will have to practice this more and more. This will help me in the future on asking the operator (workers) around and get the conversation more lively and they could get me the point that I needed.

In the early of this article I mention that I have to travel around 30 to 40 minutes to go to work. The reason for this is I am staying outside for the purpose of doing my websites and getting updates on the oncoming events NACES 2009. It is not that Desa Kim Loong Sdn Bhd Keningau Sabah did not prepare any hostel. They did have a house for workers and I did know few place I could go but the only thing is there is no internet inside the housing compound. This will make my life even harder as I could say I will feel unease if there is no internet connection around. So if I was talking about the new lifestyle that I have to adapt to, this will be amongst the thing that had never change.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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