Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah

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October 24th and 25th 2009 will remark the Pesta Gong Matunggong at Kudat Sabah. The Pesta Gong is a special occasion at Matunggong town which is the old town of Kudat Sabah. In this place, they will be playing their best sound for you to hear and you are able to see their largest gong which if I am not wrong was created in 2008.

In the Pesta Gong, one of the most attractive thing is you are able to get the lowest price for any gong that you like (If you know how to negotiate the price). Compare to the price that you get from the handicraft shop in Kota Kinabalu, I believe that the price will be a lot more cheaper as most of the store is taking their gong supply from Matunggong Kudat Sabah. So if you have the chance, why not come and Join the events at Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah.

Gong is a musical instrument which has a long history in Kadazan Dusun Culture, it was created for few purposes which is for entertainment and for increasing the spirit. As an entertainment musical instrument, gong was used in many occasion such as Wedding ceremony and when the Kadazan Dusun ethnics are celebrating something special in their tribe for example Kaamatan or Pesta menuai (Harvest Festival). Gong was also used to increasing the spirits of the warriors before they went to war in protecting their village or even to celebrate their success in winning the war. And thus Gong has brings an important symbol for the culture.

Other than that, Gong was also used in occasion such as the Burial Ceremony to call family from around the village to come and give respect to the decease. In some spiritual believes, the sound from gong are able to avoid bad spirits from coming and disturbing the burial ceremony and also it avoids the spirit of the deceased person to come and seeing its death body, which if happen will caused a great bad luck to the family.

Nowadays, Gong was also used in some important government occasion. In which Gong usually used as the tools to remark the opening or closing ceremony of some events. Or even to remark the arrival of the VIP to the occasion. With gong, it keeps Sabah as a very unique state in Malaysia and this gives Sabah a better impression. And for me, Sabah is a really classic State with the culture that it preserve until now.

For your information, I have been to Matunggong Kudat twice and I still feel like going to Matunggong Kudat once again. Because other than the attraction from the Pesta Gong Matunggong, there is other places that I could visit in Kudat such as the classic historical long house life, the honey bee farm and also one of my favourite place was the tip of Borneo which is the Simpang Mangayau. So if you are interested, pack your bag, arrange your schedule and join the Pesta Gong Matunggong in Kudat Sabah this October.

I believe your visit to Sabah will be so memorable and you are able to enjoy one of the most Unique place in the world.

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