Proposal of Banning Horror, fantasy movies in Malaysia

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I found this article in The star online news. It was quite an interesting news, so see my feedback below.

Puteri wants ban on horror, fantasy movies

KUALA LUMPUR: Puteri Umno wants the Government to ban the production of “horror, mystical and superstitious” movies, claiming such films can weaken the faith of Muslims in the country.

The movement also wants the authorities to empower the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to take action against such productions.

The call was contained in one of the motions that were passed without debate at the movement’s general assembly on Wednesday.

“In view of widespread screening of movies with ghosts, superstitious and mystical elements, we urge the Government to empower Jakim to ban their production as they do not carry any positive message, but instead may destroy the faith,” it said.

The movement also called on the Government to issue a similar ban on all foreign movies of such genres.

It said film producers should concentrate on producing films of different genres that could serve as lessons, rather than show horror and superstitious ones which might not even deliver the intended messages.

It added parents must provide religious education to children to ensure that they would have strong faith to avoid from getting influenced by such negative elements.

I wish to write a positive feedback on this but by this time my mind keep telling me the negative feedback which is focusing more on movie industry and also as a youth of Malaysia.

Banning horror and fantasy film in Malaysia is kind of weird as this genre of film is quite attracting. Inside they did not pose any sexual contents unless it is horror movies from outside Malaysia. Plus we have been importing horror movies from countries such as Korea and Thailand and our Producer like other product produce in Malaysia had been copying their product to produce Malaysia own product.

Wikipedia said,

Horror films are movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, horror and terror from viewers. Their plots frequently involve themes of death, the supernatural or mental illness.

And psychologically horror movies does train some part of ourselves so that we are able to face this kind of situation with a stronger mental strength and spirit. I just wonder how is Malaysia when the people around is mentally weak on this situation since Malaysia is one of the country that has a lot of reality horror stories.

I guess if banning of horror movies is done, the banning of magazine and tv show that has this kind of element will be done too. Its not like I’m going up the stage fighting for them but once banning of horror movies is done, the person who is not satisfied (especially those who involves with this business) would actually start to talk on this stuff and blaming why does the magazine and tv show is not banned? It is going to be an issue for a while I guess.

In some other point of view, the production of religious videos or movies had been so little in Malaysia thus created a low coverage on this genre of movies. Then making people has less faith but not caused by the horror movies itself.

If we are making people to have more faith, we are suppose to have 1 religious television. But there is none of it unless the mixture of all genre of film including religious in the television. Plus when we think about it, ASTRO who is the main provider of movies and entertainment to Malaysia is doing well in showing movies from horror and other genre.

While on the part, when banning fantasy movies, this is something that is too wide. Fantasy will includes cartoon (that some of the Puteri Umno’s children watch), cartoons and cartoons and cartoons including some supernatural tv drama. Maybe there is other but cartoons is one of the less harmful movies which will be banned in malaysia since it is fantasy so I’ll just concentrate more on it.

When think it back, it cartoon which is a kind of fantasy movies and I’d like to press this statement, give less harmful to the children. But this makes the children so happy with their lives and they are able to understand stuff so much from this kind of television. This will then make the children imagination become better than before. And thus created a more creative person like what we have in this generation.

Fantasy will stimulate our thinking so that we have a stronger imagination and that is why our country had been creating lots of interesting invention from their own imagination. And some of the copyrighted invention which had a ‘little imagination’ is what makes fantasy is more important to us.

At some part, this is always about business that the Puteri Umno wanted to close down. There is still lots Contrast but Let not talk it here since I’m not on that field.

By the way more analysis on this stuff should be done so that it won’t be harming other people’s business and umno business itself.

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