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By April 9, 2009 Bloggership

Was doing my own theme for the past 2 days and now i’m beta testing it. I can say that I’m not a designer and I’m not a coder. But this is what I learn slowly to get my own work.

This is the first web template that i design myself by referring the naked theme from  http://www.siftware.co.uk/services/wordpress/blank-wordpress-theme/. Thanks to this theme that I would be able to have my own using some basics that I learn from time to time.

By the way there is some bugs in this theme which I not sure where to change it. So I will modified this theme until my Alpha release (I guess this is what we call when it is completed).

This theme is called PurFeel which i take from the word purple and feel. I choose purple because I like this colour and it has been a few years that I like it but I never keep any stuff in this colour. So this theme is the first stuff to show to people the purple is beautiful. By the way Lavender had been more attracting but I didn’t put it here as I was thinking that it was a bit girlish.As i’m in love with purple so I just call this PurFeel (PurLove seems a bit weird).

For your Information, you can make your own theme too. Below is a few tools that I have in my laptop;

  1. WordPress installation in XAMPP
  2. Naked theme fromhttp://www.siftware.co.uk/services/wordpress/blank-wordpress-theme/.
  3. CSS editor, Dreamweaver would be so helpful
  4. Photoshop – just to create some pictures

It would be great if you could make your own theme, as you will feel the satisfaction on having your own works.

Hope this theme looks nice to you.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

Have been blogging since 2008 and been making this as a side income. Loves travelling, spending time with family and tweak new way of making money online. Was graduated as a Chemical Engineer and currently pursuing life as an Environmental Engineer. Having fun with life where; Life = Work Satisfaction + Family Time + Making Money Online + Learn New Things.

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