Retirement Early Myth or Truth?

By August 20, 2019 Bloggership

I had been thinking about the word that some affiliate marketer had been talking here and there regarding retirement early and I was wondering is it a myth or the truth?

Well this is not for me to decide but it will be depending on each individual. But here is my thought on this matter. Whenever I see ads or blog post about retirement early, I always asked myself, he is saying that he enjoyed retirement early but why did he still work. Why did he still promoting a product when he is already retired?

…please always remember that there is no proven retirement early product as no affiliate marketer ever prove that they retired early

And I see some of them did actually retired from their day job and become an affiliate marketer instead. But isn’t an affiliate marketer is consider as a job and means that you are not retired?

From my understanding a retired person will no longer have attachment to finding money. He will have no attachment to anything related to work and will have free time to enjoy all other things in his life.

What differentiate between retired person was their financial capacity. Either they have quite a large nest egg or maybe they just have enough. So, if for example you meet with an affiliate marketer who said he has his retirement early, but still doing affiliate marketing, what do you think about him? Maybe, well maybe you will think he retired early but with little nest egg to support his retirement. But would you still believe in what he is saying?

If me, I will not. If I found any blog or any affiliate marketer promoting a product and said he had his retirement early with the product that he sells, I will not buy it. The reason was, there was a high risk that the product is not effective at all. Why would someone who already retired early keep selling a product? Unless he falls into the trap retirement early or some bad pyramid schemes.

It is much better for you to buy a product such as affiliate marketing class which will help you to generate income. Not a product which says that it will help you with retirement early since until now I have not seen any retired affiliate marketer posting their last post in their blog saying that “This is my last post. Thanks to the product that I promote I can now enjoy retirement early”. If you ever found one please let me know by commenting below.

So for me, retirement early is just a myth. No one ever prove that they retired early. What all affiliate marketer do was they keep posting and posting products which help them to get more income. They spend their time by working few hours everyday to tell people this product was good and you should buy this. They even spent some money on advertising, or SEO. Some even shared their content to social media. They are not retired and they are still selling to increase their money in the bank account.

So if you found any website selling a retirement early product, just beware and it is best to avoid it. Even if the landing page is very beautiful and intimidating, please always remember that there is no proven retirement early product as no affiliate marketer ever prove that they retired early.

Since no retirement early product is proven, it does not mean that you cannot retired early. Why waste your time on a product that is not proven when there was an affiliate marketing class that is proven to help you generate income such as Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate? Both this of this was an established and popular affiliate marketing education provider which will be able to help you in finding more money online.

They are proven to produce successful affiliate marketer who had been generating millions of dollars online. This is not a retirement early product as the product owner is still sharing their knowledge with everyone. But this product might help you to prepare for your retirement where if you do it right, you will be able to generate millions of dollar and with that much money, you can stop doing all the work and spend the rest of your time not thinking about work as you have enough money to pay for everything. And when that time comes, please do tell me the product that help you to retired early by commenting and linking your last post to my comment section below.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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