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By December 3, 2008 Sabah

Was on visit last 23rd November and this is what i want to show which needs a great care from the governent. Look at the pictures.

Last road upgrade was 2003

Last road upgrade was 2003

For me sabah was a great place to visit, in which Sabah was one of the place that keep the world heritage. When Sabah was tagged as a place of tourism, then it should be best that Government improve all the facilities so that tourist would feel like visit sabah again and again.

But what happen here is, most of the place to visit has a bad road conditions. Who we should blame? There is 3 things to think about.

  1. Did the Village leader did not do his job on complaining the bad condition of the facilities. Government only work when there is complain. Their eyes has the limit too. Someone at least had to tell them.
  2. Sabah was too big and not enough budget allocated for sabah compared to other state.
  3. Sabah Government got no time to upgrade this facilities even this conduct to the improvement of Sabah Tourism.

Which ever it was, hope there was improvement in the facilities as this conduct to the improvement of sabah tourism.

*Forgot to mention, the road leads to Tuaran Resort and the place where road upgrading is needed is the road along the village near the resort.

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