Saving our seas and coral

By October 7, 2009 Environment

It was great that there is an action to take care of coral around Sabah. Please read on the news..

Saving our seas and coral


KOTA KINABALU: A massive clean-up and planting of “baby coral” will be undertaken at the Tungku Abdul Rahman island park here on Oct 17.

Both professional and amateur divers will be scouring the seabeds of Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Manukan to pick up underwater garbage in an effort to protect coral and sea creatures under “Project Aware.”

Borneo Divers Training Institute managing director Clement Lee said that the underwater conservation project was aimed at creating awareness among all citizens about the importance of keeping of the sea free of garbage.

“We cannot continue to pollute the sea with garbage which will eventually choke and suffocate the coral reefs,” he said, adding that efforts to maintain the environment were especially important in view of current concerns over climate change.

He said that during the clean-up, divers would plant baby coral on special cement bases and transfer them to an underwater nursery for rehabilitation.

“After few months, the coral would be moved to a different site,” he said, adding that the growth of the coral would be observed and monitored.

Lee urged members of the public to also join in the clean-up. Those who are interested in helping out can call (088) 222-226 for registration and other details.

Saving corals is to preserve the beauty of Borneo. It also avoid the extinction of some rare coral species. But when we look back on our situation now, does this is so important to us?

The world are getting hotter, global warming are increasing and clean water sources are depleting. But there is not much effort done and publicize by the government or any non-profit bodies to reduce this. For quite a long time now that I never hear anyone do a mass tree plantation. But I see people burn down the trees and I see more lodging in the virgin forest.

The corals that they save will soon be dead too because of one reason. They will no longer be able to cope with the environment changes. So right before you save them or by the time you are saving them, make sure to save the trees too. Reduce Carbon dioxide emission and plant more efficient oxygen generating plant. With this you could preserve the environment and could indirectly save them.

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