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By May 4, 2009 Bloggership

In this article, I’m gonna teach you on how to set Adsense for your site. I assume you already know the tricks (where to log in, how is the main page of your adsense account looks). So you need to log in and you will be redirected to the main page of your account.

On the top bar, you can see “Adsense Set Up”. Click on that button and you will be directed to the set up page..

The set up page looks like this;


If you wish to have an adsense fot your page, click on Adsense for Content. To get a search engine in your site, go for Adsense for search. Adsense for feed is used to put advertisement in your feeds and Adsense for domains will be for your unused domain to be added with the advertisement from google

In this topic, we will learn on setting the Adsense for content. So click on the Adsense for Contents and you will go the page below;

Then choose the ads type;

You will choose either ad unit or link unit.. In this case, we will choose an ad unit and choose Text and image ads (default) In this case, even there is an option for;

  1. Text and image ads
  2. Text ads
  3. Image ads

I’m suggesting you to choose the default. This is so that you could get a more relevant result for your ads. Even in some cases, many had told that text ads is more money generating but it actually depends on the suitability of your site and being flexible is a good choice if you are adding this in your blog. But if your site is a photo site, images ads looks more relevant as it looks like your own image. But still, there is some google rules that you have to follow.

Choose ad unit

Choose ad unit

Then click on continue, you will go to the second page. In this page you will need to choose the ads size that you wish to have. To see the format, please follow this link >> Ad Formats

The size is depending on the space in your site. For case, we will choose 728 x 90 Leaderboard. Then choose the colors as what you like. In this part there is two advice,

  1. Choose the same color as your page as this will make it like some links inside your page and not an ads.
  2. Choose a contrast color as this will take some attention to people. Usually people will take this so that it is more attractive.
Pick size and colour

Pick size and colour

For now, we let it to be the original color. Then you may skip the other option. It is best set up like that but you can change it. Now press continue.

Now you have to choose your channel. Channel is like an area of the ads that you wish to have in your site. For example if your site is a sony vaio technology site, you might use channel such as technology, sony vaio, laptop or maybe you also talk about life, you may add life channel. This is what will be considered by the ads engine when choosing the ads for your site.


After choosing the channel, press continue.

In this page you will need to save ads. Choose a proper and easy to remember name. Later on you will need to alter the code. In this case I just make it to take the original name.

Press Submit and Get Code

Press Submit and Get Code

Then Click on submit and get code.

You will reach to the code page, copy the code and paste it in your site before the </body> tag. You can paste this anywhere as long as it is before the tag. So if you wish to paste it under the header, find the header file, paste it before the end of the file. You have to do trial and error for this. You can also follow the guide here

Copy the code

Copy the code

After you already paste the code and save the file, you have to wait for about 10 minutes until the ads came out.

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Papa Shally

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