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By November 24, 2008 Bloggership

I’ve been to few places this few days. Was still tired of it. Anyway I’ll be posting the things that I went to in this few days. Plus, I’m rushing on Dragon.My.

Putting the last date i’m going to do everything is by the end of this month. Hope i can finish it earlier so that i can do other stuff as well. Anyway, right now i’m thinking what am I doing in this Hot On Blog.

I am not a politic blogger, neither a pro blogger. But I like to talk about something general. Giving thoughts on something that i saw, telling others about my real life experience, criticizing something odd to make it better, and also improving my english.

If I look back from few years ago, it has been my passion to have something in the Internet. It has been a passion for me to built my web source. Giving my thoughts freely without even a border of topic. If there was a day for me to have the border, it would be so annoying that i could not improve my knowledge freely.

By the way having one border also not so bad as you only talk about one thing and people who is in that niche will get interested with you if your topic is so interesting to talk about.

For example JohnChow dot com, he talks a lot on how he generate income in his blog and people who are in that niche join him and become his reader (I’m one of his readers too and i’m proud of reading his blog). This has shown us that those who talk something specific got a real fan. But for me, if there is a lot of people out there talk about topic ‘A’, who will be their reader?

Meaning if you want to specialize in this topic, it was only a sunk and float term that you have. It’s like sailing in the deep sea with your ship. If your topic is popular with many writer, it would be a great advantage and you are going to sail even faster. If your topic is not popular and there is many writers out there, you will get crush by them and your ship would eventually sunk to the deep sea.

So why not throw the border a way? Lots of people out there are searching for information everyday. Lots of bloggers out there searching for a way to get the 1st ranking or top 10 ranking in google search. If you were to have a lot of topic inside your blogs, it would have increase your chances by many times. If you are only to talk about online income, or tourism, it would be limiting your chances to be reach. Lots of topic to talk about means lots of people from this niche going to know you. Lots of people from this niche going to reach you. You wont know what they might search in search engine thats why being generelize quite interesting for me.

When I was first join this blogging world, i was thinking i want to create a photoblog with this blog. But what came to my mind is whenever i got a chance to write, what will I write? If I got no picture to talk about what will I do? Then came into my mind to talk about the university where i’m studying now. I was able to give some information to the world about the events there. Then i add more thing about Sabah, I wish Sabah will get more tourist and the government improve the way they managing this state. Plus sometimes i like to rumble about something like right now. This has gives me 4 topic to talk about. Then this will invite 4 niche to came to my site.

Then for some reason I started to talk about my education. I want to give other people some of my knowledge from Uni and at the same time make me revise everything and this will improve myself too. And for some reasons I start with lots of topic which came from my daily crap inside my brain. Thats why you saw my ‘multi not specific blog’.

Lots of people also like me but there is 1 in a 100 chance that we have 3 same niche of readers. So It was a good thing and different readers will subscribe to us.

Apart from that, having lots of readers from different niche also means we could met with lots of professional out there and they could guide us when we are wrong. Being generalize is almost the same like being a wikipedia. As we are free to talk anything we like. But one of the most important thing that I do was, never talk about personal stuff.

Personal stuff (I think i got talk about this sometimes) is something that people don’t wish to read. They  are not interested with your love story unless you are an idol or a singer. For me, it would be sometimes that i was off the limit. For a Pro Blogger out there, this is one of the thing they won’t do. Even if they do so, it would  be in a  more professional way and this is what make them professional.

Anyway stop talking about having a border and not having a border in your blogs. This is one most important thing to keep. If you are a blogger, care your readers. Make your blog interesting then it would help in attracting your readers.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

Have been blogging since 2008 and been making this as a side income. Loves travelling, spending time with family and tweak new way of making money online. Was graduated as a Chemical Engineer and currently pursuing life as an Environmental Engineer. Having fun with life where; Life = Work Satisfaction + Family Time + Making Money Online + Learn New Things.

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