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By August 16, 2008 September 6th, 2008 UMS

This was actually the promotion few days ago which i don’t have much time to blog it inside. Anyway this is the picture that i’ve taken the first day.

She promote me to change to the new plan..

When i finish my class on monday around 4.00pm, i saw some event was happening back in Anjung Siswa UMS. Then i feel like going there to learn what is the event. As i go there, walk around and i meet with this girl ( i never ask her name 😀 ).. She was promoting on changing to DIGI or change plan to D,campus plan which has few benifits when inside campus.

The plan was quite attractive which you only use 1 cents per sms from DIGI to DIGI and 15 cents/min of for call rates and it is only applied when you are inside the campus. I was actually using Power Pack Plan which no charge for every sms to friends and family. I interested with the new plan but I seldom sms my friends. Further more most of my friends was using Maxis as there is video call service.

Some of the people there..

In the event, there is also games which gives you chances to win a prize. If you were there that time i think you are interested to join. I quite unsure about the games name anyway there is the electric circuit games which you have to move the stick around the rail and there is also scoring games which you have 15 secs to get the highest score. The day after i saw they bring the stuff for team shooting games but i never go there as i was quite busy.

Some of our student become promoter and was teaching how to fill the form

Around 5 minutes being there,  then the MC announce the arrival of Prof Amran. He was visiting there as in supporting the events. I not really sure about stuff but i think most probably he was invited to do the opening ceremony. I have chance to take his picture but it was not so nice as only a part of his body can be seen.

Prof was also in the events..

As nothing much can be captured, so i manage to heads home, quite a tiring day but this is what i can get to post here..

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