Win a Free Ipod Shuffle

By October 11, 2008 April 10th, 2009 HotOnBlog

We are giving a Free Ipod Shuffle to the lucky person. Why not try it out.

How to Win??
By Joining Our Free Auction Community, You Are eligible to Participate in the Lucky draw.
After Joining and Confirming, Your Email will be submitted to our Lucky Draw system and One Lucky Email will be picked. This all was done by our automated Lucky Draw system. Thanks to TechInfo crew for the scripts.

Not Enough??
What?! Not Enough?? We’ll give away other stuff by next month. Different item for Each Month. You Can win it. When more people join, we will give away more free item. Let Just start this month with a Free Ipod Shuffle.

Don’t Miss This chance.

*Remember to Subscribe to our Newsletter so that you will get the winner announcement to your email.
*This Offer is only valid for Those who stays in Malaysia and has Address based in Malaysia.


Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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